Bring Together Flag A proposal for a new New Zealand flag

This site suggests a new National Flag for all New Zealanders, using the red, white, blue, grey and green colours of paua to represent the beauty of our country.

A Celebration (Mana) Flag is also suggested for honouring New Zealanders' cultural, sporting and other achievements involving courage and determination, featuring the black, white and red colours often used in decorations in the Maori meeting house.

Both flags have the red and white stars of the Southern Cross on the hoist (flag-pole) side, and a Silver Fern on the fly side. The fern is angled to match the north-easterly direction of the South Island, and the Southern Cross angled to match the north-westerly direction of the upper North Island, and with the two symbols coming together in a roughV shape.

The stars are red for two reasons; red to represent mana, as on Maori flags, and red with white edges and blue background to echo the colouring of the Union Jack.
The colours symbolize that our country has both Maori and British heritage, while the four stars (north, south, east and west) acknowledge New Zealanders who have come from all over the world.

The silver fern, representing New Zealand's unique flora, also symbolizes people in their communities, with a theme of Unity With Diversity. It has a ribbon of silver running through it symbolizing dialogue that is the road to peace and progress.

It is proposed that the present Flag (New Zealand Blue Ensign) remain an official national flag, especially for ANZAC day and other military commemorations. (A similar compromise is used by Canada).

The flag has been designed with several layers of meaning that speak of different aspects of our country. These are detailed on the next page.Some special-purpose flags are also suggested.

Another favorite flag: Joe Bleakley's Aotearoa v2 flag

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