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4.††What if we simplified the flag colours?

Plain black, blue or red can be made to look good, but why would we want to go for a boring flag?††It is more true to the beauty of our country to have the natural colours of the proposed flag - the blue-white-red-grey-green colours of paua-shell.

black flag with large white stars wi10, black flag with small white stars wi11,  black flag with red stars wi12. Blue flag with small white stars wi13, red wi14, green wi15.

5. What if the flag colours were lighter?

Lighter colours look more 'namby-pamby' and un-confident whereas darker colours give an impression of being confident and self-assured.

Very light colours design wi16. Light colours wi17.

6. How would the fern look on the end of the current New Zealand Flag?††And how do the Islands of New Zealand correspond to the symbols of the Star Fern Flag?

Combined flag wi118, flag with islands superimposed wi19.