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1 /3 2009 Roydon Johnson  "Would you like too use this design to promote your very good cause,I think you are
doing a great thing for New Zealand.    "New Zealand Flag Sails" by Roydon Johnson"

(Disclaimer: Showing the above email as feedback does not constitute any endorsement of Mr Johnson's tee-shirt service. There is no connection between the Starfern website oand its owner,  and Mr Johnson or his service)

31/1/2009  Meg of  Opotiki  "I would like to buy one, are you getting them made yet??  "

31/1/2009 Jan of Cromwell:   "Just heard your interview on the National Programme today and came in to
check the site, something I am rarely motivated to do. 
Congratulations on your design, it is wonderful and would be something I think most New Zealanders could be proud of. I have not been part of this debate till now, but this has sparked my interest. Not sure yet about the need for different flags for different events though, although I really like the red and black one also.
We have flagpoles to attract visitors to the business and would be interested to buy one. Are they available?"

11/2/08  CP says: I wholeheartedly agree with Alan's comment (7/2/08), could not have said it better myself. 

May I make a suggestion; On the "What if ..." page, would it be an idea to number the different flag dsigns, in order to simplify feedback on any particular alternative design. I also noted that the voting link does not appear to work, my vote was not registered. 

New Zealand does need it's own distinctive flag and your designs on the main page are very well thought out and explained - I'll watch your site with interest.

(Response:  I have fixed the voting page and placed labels (wif1, for "what if 1" etc.) for the other suggestion. Thanks for the feedback. Any other suggestions will be welcomed.)


8/2/08 Kevin says:  "There is NOTHING wrong with the flag we have  (Defamatory comments excluded).

7/2/08 Alan says:  Subject: The flag design.  "Just read your letter to the Waikato Times and then looked up the website. Two comments: first the obvious - our current flag is incredibly forgettable and I guarantee most kiwis couldn't draw it or distinguish it from the Aust flag. Second - your design shouts out "New Zealand!"
Well done. I'm all for a change and your design is well thought out and graphically appealing."